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How did I start playing golf?

I first started golf on one of those ‘Learn Golf in a Day’ programs. Little did I know that for most golfers, it takes years, if not decades. I am definitely one of those golfers.

How do I learn to Play Golf?

I am a self-confessed YouTube Golf addict. Most evenings, you will find me watching the latest from Pete Cowen, Dan Grieve, Danny Maude, or Alex Elliott.

Which is my Favourite Golf Coach?

It has to be Pete Cowen. He has been around forever, and even his old videos are relevant today – he was way ahead of his time.
Although hard to understand as a Yorkshireman from the UK, other YouTubers such as Danny Maude & Alex Elliott repeatedly refer to his coaching.
He has been a coach to Rory McIlroy and many other tour players.

Am I a Short Game Expert?

Yes, but only relative to my appalling driving game!
Dan Grieve is an absolute genius at the short game (maybe he should call himself Dan Genius instead!). He changed the life of YouTube legend Rick Shields.
A combination of Dan’s ‘slow motion’ approach, Pete Cowen’s ‘natural forces,’ and my own ‘pivot around the lead shoulder’ mean my flop shots are the envy of my sons!

Am I a Golf Coach?

Yes, but only to my Friends & Family. Passing on my hours of YouTube research, in particular Pete Cowen & Dan Grieve. It is definitely a case of do as I say rather than as I do.

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Iā€™m Geoff ā€“ Short Game Expert and Golf Coach.
(only because my driving is terrible, and I love passing on my favorite Pete Cowen tips to friends & family)
My most memorable golf experience ā€“ racing through the streets of Hong Kong in a golf cart to catch the next ferry!