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Spiked Golf Shoes: The Complete Guide 2024

Sales of spiked golf shoes (with cleats) are in decline, but they still offer the best traction on wet slopes, help your swing, and the vast majority of professional Tour players still wear them.
So why?

Spiked golf shoes
Spiked golf shoes

Key Takeaways

  • Golf shoes are necessary and sometimes even compulsory on the course. Choose a Golf shoe either spiked or spikeless, waterproof, high top, boots, or even sandals, but most importantly, choose golf shoes that fit your feet.
  • Spiked golf shoes offer the ultimate grip in the wet, mud and on slopes.
  • Golf shoes with spikes, however, cannot be worn away from the course, unlike spikeless shoes.

Why do Golfers wear Spiked Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are your direct contact with the ground. Think of them as the tires on your car, and you naturally want the best grip, whether that is on the road or the course.

Are you allowed to wear spiked golf shoes?

Yes, you can wear spiked golf shoes on most courses. However, check with the golf course before you play with metal spikes, as some clubs have banned them to protect the greens.

Design and Features

Choosing the right golf shoes is important. Whether you decide on spikes, boots, or even sandals, you want the best golf shoes for your game.

Plastic vs Metal Spikes

Metal Spikes: Once made from small nails in 1857, they are loud (ask Brooks Koepka when Bryson DeChambeau walked behind him) and cause damage to the greens.
Tiger Woods used to wear them, and it will be very interesting if Tiger’s new Sun Day Red golf shoes will have metal spikes as they are now getting banned by more clubs.

Plastic Spikes / Cleats: Modern golf shoes typically come with plastic spikes that are removable, replaceable and still offer excellent grip without tearing up the green.

Foot Support and Comfort

  • Midsole Technology: Look for shoes that feature replaceable midsoles, so you can choose one that fits your own feet.
  • Upper Material: A good leather or synthetic upper can adapt to the shape of your foot.

Proper Fit

Make sure your shoes fit – with enough room to wiggle your toes. If you need an extra wide golf shoe (like me), I recommend Ecco Biom, which has a natural foot shape design and removable insole, which can add even more room.


  • Spike Replacement: With plastic spikes, keep an eye out for wear and tear so you can replace them before they are worn out or even broken.
  • Cleaning: Keep your shoes clean by wiping off dirt and grass after every round if you can. Why do we like white golf shoes so much?!

How often do I need to replace the spikes on my Golf Shoes?

Knowing when to replace the spikes on your golf shoes is crucial for maintaining grip and stability during your swing.

How to replace spikes or cleats on a Golf Shoe?

Changing the spikes on your golf shoes is easy with the right tools – a spike wrench.
Identify the type of spike your shoe uses; they vary by brand and model. You’ll find types like Fast Twist, PINS, or Q-LOK.
Align the new spike and twist it into place with the wrench. It should click or give a sign of being securely fastened. For step-by-step instructions specific to your shoe brand, such as Footjoy, Nike, Adidas, Ecco, or Puma, check out this fitting guide.

How often will I need to change the spikes?

Typically, it’s recommended to change them out every 15–20 rounds, or up to 30 rounds if you. avoid using them on hard surfaces.

Can you wear Spiked Golf Shoes Casually?

You have spent a small fortune on your new spiked shoes. Can you wear them away from the golf course?
If you want to wear one pair of shoes for the course, the clubhouse, and in town, choose a spikeless pair instead.

Spiked vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

Do spiked golf shoes actually make a difference?

Is it Better to have Spikes on Golf Shoes?

Spikes on your golf shoes can be likened to snow tires in winter—they’re designed to give you a grip when you need it the most. Spiked shoes do offer superior traction, especially on wet or uneven terrain.

Tested – Spiked vs Spikeless Shoes

Spiked shoes specifically aid in weight transfer during your swing, allowing for a more powerful hit. In the video below, you will see there was minimal difference between spiked and spikeless shoes on flat ground, but there will definitely be a difference on wet slopes.

Spiked vs Spikeless

Traction and Stability

Who hasn’t slipped walking down a wet slope? I certainly have in my spikeless shoes. If I had spikes or cleats, would I have still slipped?

Impact on Swing

Here’s the twist—or rather, the lack thereof. Spiked shoes help to minimize unwanted rotation of your foot during your swing and help transfer more of the energy to where you want it to go.


The spikes on a golf shoe are replaceable. The spikeless golf shoe has no spikes to replace, so the actual sole of the shoe is worn out – making the spied shoe last longer!

Why do Golf shoes no longer have Spikes?

The traditional metal spikes in golf shoes have largely been replaced by plastic cleats, but they are still “spikes”!
The spikeless golf shoe, though, has become more popular since the 1990s. Lighter & more comfortable to walk in without the pressure points of where the foot stands over the cleats.

Do Tour Players Wear Spiked Golf Shoes?

Approx 15 – 20% of Tour players in tournaments wore metal spikes in 2021; the figure in 2024 will be much lower – the most famous now being Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau (who probably needs more stability than most!)

What are the Best Spiked Golf Shoes?

Although there is a move towards spikeless shoes, all the best brands still offer spiked options.

Best Brands

FootJoy are the top selling brand, whilst Adidas, Nike Ecco and Puma all offer good alternatives.

Price Range

As always the rrp is always over stated – never pay it!
Good spiked shoes start from $100 for the Under Armour Charged Draw 2 and go up to $270 for the Ecco Biom G5.
Last season’s range is still good and will be available at good discounts.

Best Spiked Golf Shoe

The best spiked golf shoe is the one that will fit your feet. Don’t choose a shoe based on brand, reviews, or a discounted price. If the shoe doesn’t fit, you will literally be walking for hours in discomfort. Always choose a shoe that is right for YOU.

If you are fortunate enough that ‘standard fit’ is suitable, then try out the shoes below either in-store or via a reputable online shop with a good returns policy.

  • Footjoy Hyperflex
  • Adidas ZG23
  • Nike Air Zoom
  • Adidas Tour 360
  • Ecco Biom G5 (for a wide fit)
  • Sketchers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip-in (for a slip-on shoe!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advantages of wearing Spiked Golf Shoes on the course?

Spiked golf shoes offer better grip on wet grass and slopes. They help maintain a solid stance during the swing and aid the transfer of power as you rotate through the shot – especially on slopes. The benefit on a level ground is minimal.
As the spikes are replaceable (US$15), they also last longer than spikeless shoes, which have to be replaced when the soles wear out.

How do I choose the Best Spiked Golf Shoes for my game?

Always choose shoes that fit your feet! You really don’t want to walk 5 miles per pound in painful shoes, no matter how good they look. If you have wide feet (like me!), choose a wide-fitting shoe such as the Ecco Biom, which has a natural foot shape.
Choose waterproof shoes if you ever play during the winter or in the early morning when there is dew on the grass.

Are Spiked Golf Shoes Permissible on all Golf Courses?

Most courses will allow spiked golf shoes, but many now forbid metal spikes as they cause much more damage to the green than plastic spikes or cleats. Always check with the course – if you ever play The Masters at Augusta, you won’t be allowed to wear your metal spikes there!

Can you wear Spiked Golf Shoes in the Clubhouse?

Generally, no. You will need to bring a spare pair of shoes! Good to avoid scratching the floors and keep the clubhouse free from grass and mud anyway.

What’s the difference between metal and plastic spikes on golf shoes?

Metal spikes are known for better grip and durability but are proven to damage the greens more and so are often banned on many courses. Plastic spikes, or cleats, still provide good traction and are gentler on the course.

Do the spikes on Golf Shoes wear out?

Yes, they do, especially on harder surfaces away from the grass. They will probably last you 15-30 rounds of golf. They are replaceable, however, so will save you the cost of buying a completely new shoe. Always good to check them after every round.

How do I Care for and Maintain my Spiked Golf Shoes?

Keep your shoes clean, dry them out if they’re wet (no direct heat), and store them in a cool, dry place. Check and replace worn spikes after each round or if you feel a loss of grip. Condition any leather with a suitable cream to prevent cracking.

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